About Us

The 180 Program was created by Rob and Meredith Kendall - founders of Advancing the Gospel (formerly known as Against the Grain.  – a ministry that started with reaching out to unwed mothers.

Rob and Meredith assisted their first pregnant teen when they had been married for less than 2 years. In 1986 she stayed with them during her pregnancy because she was given an ultimatum…”abort your baby or get out.” The Kendall’s volunteered for Crisis Pregnancy Center and gave her the option to save her child. This desire to serve others continued for years.

In 2002 Rob and Meredith Kendall had achieved the American dream but found their lives to be selfish and unfulfilling. At Meredith’s urging, Rob took a year off of work to find their calling in life. Throughout that year Rob studied and prayed and began to see God’s heart for the poor…the single mother, the fatherless child, those in prison and those without a home…the marginalized people who did not have a voice in society. As the year ended, they began a relationship with a single mother of three. Through a series of conversations, Rob and Meredith committed to help her and eight of her friends overcome the challenges that had held them down and on August 4, 2003, AtG was formed as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with two services, a program for single mothers and a program for kids.

Over the next few years, a series of lessons were written to address the questions and concerns that the moms would ask; “Why am I doing the exact same things that my mom did” or “I continue to repeat the same cycles over and over again”. The women had dreams. They would say “I want to offer a better chance for my kids” and “I really want to go back to school”, but they didn’t know where to begin or have the confidence to work towards their goals. Against the Grain began offering a wide variety of services to educate and empower the women they were working with to succeed in life and achieve those dreams. In the fall of 2009, The 180 Program was formalized into an eight week study designed to address the needs of men and women in a repeatable format.

During the Sabbatical they adopted the name Against the Grain after reading Romans 12:2 to signify their decision to stop chasing the patterns of this world and begin to live their lives differently than the rest of society. In 2018 the IRS formally approved their name change to Advancing the Gospel. 

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