Have you ever wondered what happens to those that come to your services inside the Jail or Prison when they are released?
"Jail and Prison Ministry is amazing, is what I hear.  I hear you go in every week, do music, have a sermon and leave."
I then attend meetings or banquets and undoubtedly this scripture gets quoted from Matthew, 
Jesus said "I was in prison and you came to visit me." 
As this may be all well and good but what happens when those who are incarcerated accept the Lord, they say they love Jesus and want to know more, how do we take them to the next level?
What about their families?
Who is ministering to them?
Have you ever asked: 
How do we take your Jail/Prison Ministry to the NEXT Level? 
 Jail and Prison Ministry is an awarding job if all you count is how many come to service and get "baptized".
But did you know it can also be draining?
You may ask how is it draining?
Working with people who come from a legacy of incarceration vs a legacy of faith is very trying for the church to navigate without proper training and having everyone on the same page. 
Since 2009 the 180 Program has been successfully used in Jails and Prisons allowing participants to look at the WHY's of their lives which then allows them to turn to the HOW's. 
Why do I do the same thing over and over?
Why do I continue to sabotage myself when I have good thing going?
How do I change for the better if all I have ever known is crime,
addiction or abuse? 
 But it is sad how many times we receive letters or phone calls asking "where can I go to church, now that I am out?" 
The person then goes on to explain that when they got out they were so excited to try this church or that church because that church group came into the jail/prison while they were incarcerated. They would then explain that they did not get the same warm welcome they got while incarcerated, in fact they got the very opposite.  
Some of the responses were not so blatant of "why are you here", but they were definitely made to feel unwelcome. 
So how can the 180 Program help your church in taking your Jail/Prison Ministry to the Next Level? 
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